taking good care of your drains

If it is something about keeping clogs away from drains, homeowners certainly love to try a number of things, before they call the plumbers. This includes use of different organic solutions, use of chemical cleaners, plungers, plumbing snakes and more. But, isn’t it a good idea to prevent such occurrences and not look for ways to prevent clogs?

So, let us consider a few ways by which we can prevent the clogs from occurring. There are a few things which you can do in advance which help in prevention of clogs or reduce their chances of happening.

Taking Care Of Drains Can Help:

Do you know that if you take care of the drains, you can keep away 50% chances of such clogs? Foul smells will not arise if the drains are clean. This is especially in case of kitchen drains where there is a chance of rotting of organic food. If this happens there will be some offensive odor in your kitchen which is difficult to get rid of. Get your drains cleaned on a regular basis which will help in preventing clogs from occurring. In fact, if the drains are neglected, there might be permanent damage to them.

What are you washing down?

Keep a close watch on what you are washing down the drain. This is one of the top requirements of preventive drain maintenance. One of the major problems in showers and bathtubs is hair. You can avoid clogging due to hair by using a good wire mesh filter just over the drain. If you clean it on a regular basis and just after your shower, it will help in keeping clogs away.

If it is the kitchen, you need to be careful of what goes through the sink drain. There are several organic food products which can cause immense clogging. Coffee grounds and grease can cause immense clogging. So, ensure that you are not washing anything greasy.

Floor drains can also be clogged due to the debris which tends to fall. It is important to ensure that the area is clean and free from anything which causes clogging. If there is a floor drain in your basement or you have a laundry room, you need to ensure that there are good drain covers. You should never sweep debris or wash debris in the drain. This leads to clogging.

Regular Maintenance Is Good:

Hiring a reputed plumbing company for regular drain cleaning is a good idea. Professionals usually use a number of equipment and tools to clean drains thoroughly. Such cleaning helps in keeping the drains clear. Hairballs or even grease which causes immense clog is washed away with such cleaning. Thus, your drains will have reduced risk of getting clogged.

Though DIY drain cleaning techniques are good, they are not always effective because all types of clogs cannot be removed with home cleaners. You can engage a plumber on a monthly basis for basic cleaning of the drains on a regular basis. This will help in preventing sudden backups of sewer or water due to clogging.