Is your garbage disposal failing?

Why do plumbing emergencies arise?

Most emergencies arise because homeowners do not notice the different signs and symptoms with the system. In fact it is said that before any problem arises, the appliance or the system warns the users about an impending problem. If this is understood well, it gets easy to repair the problem and keep things running. If the warning signs are ignored or not understood, then such emergencies cannot be avoided.

Garbage disposal is a crucial part of the plumbing system. It helps in ensuring cleaner pipes and sinks. If there is a problem in this, the problem can actually impact the way your kitchen looks. Garbage disposal problems can be critical and if not repaired on time, you might need to have it replaced. Here are some of the most common signs which are an indication of a failing garbage disposal. Keep a watch for this, so that you can repair the unit on time.

Abnormal or Strange Noises – Whenever you hear a strange sound or a new sound, it means something has gone down the disposal, which shouldn’t have gone. If you are able to hear a metal sounding noise, try and find the source of the sound, which can also be a metal spoon which went down. The spoon needs to be removed immediately so that there is no further damage to the disposal. If these remain in the unit, the blades will be blocked, which will cause permanent damage to the unit.

Resets Frequently – There is a reset button in the disposal. This is supposed to help the appliance to recover from certain unusual conditions, which might be clogs or loads. If your garbage disposal unit is good condition, you will not have to use the rest button often. However, if your appliance is aging it might be resetting frequently. There might also be a loose wiring which needs attention. This is a sign which indicates a failing appliance.

Too Many Clogs – We all know that a garbage disposal fails when we wash certain particles down, which are not supposed to go down. Such materials cause clogs. You need to call your plumber to fix the problem before it worsens.

Power Problems – This is another sign of a failing garbage disposal. If your appliance does not turn on easily or it shuts off suddenly all by itself, when it is being used, you need to get it checked. You shouldn’t delay any power issues with the appliance. Call your plumber for an inspection immediately.

Odors – It is true that certain garbage disposal odors are unpleasant. This tends to come from wet food breakdown. However, the smell should go away with cleaning and rinsing. If you notice that even after elaborate cleaning, the odor doesn’t go away, it means something is wrong and needs to be inspected.

Performance Problems – If you feel your garbage disposal is not functioning as it should, it means that the blades are not working properly. They might have deteriorated. They need immediate repairs.

If you are noticing any of the above problems or anything else which you find unusual, you need to have the appliance inspected as soon as you can.

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